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Prepare for university with these upcoming workshops. I’ve spent over 20 years as a student, staff member, and instructor at Canadian universities. Now I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned with you! See my full bio here.

Live Webinars

Reduce the Stress: How to Pick your Program & University

Thursday, May 5, 2022 | 7-8:30pm Toronto/4-5:30pm Vancouver | $18.50 CDN

Feeling overwhelmed by picking your major, program, and university? Are you stressed out from these big, important decisions? Are you unsure of what the options even are?

Join this webinar for tips on how to explore different programs and universities. You’ll learn:
📕My formula for choosing the best program for you
📕How to determine your criteria and priorities for university
📕Who to connect with in order to find the best program and courses
📕How to find more information about all the options available
You’ll also have the opportunity to ask specific questions that you have!

Building Confidence for University Studies

Thursday, May 19, 2022 | 7-8:30pm Toronto/4-5:30pm Vancouver | $18.50 CDN

Are you a new or soon-to-be university student who is still finding their way? Want to know how to succeed at university? Find out what the unspoken expectations are?

I’ll be helping students:

Understand university culture and expectations
📗What new terms and vocabulary do you need to know?
📗What exactly is university culture anyways?
📗What are the unspoken expectations at university?

Manage your time and assignments
📗How far ahead should you be planning?
📗How can you get all your assignments done on time when you’re so busy?

Employ appropriate study skills
📗What does it mean to “study smarter, not harder”?
📗What kinds of study skills will be useful at university?

Find help on campus
📗Where can I go to get more help on campus?
📗What kinds of supports does my university campus offer?

Answer questions
📗Bring any questions you have about adjusting to university!

Online Courses

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