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What is Grad School, anyway?

Is graduate school unclear to you? Unsure of the difference between grad & undergrad degrees? Find out about Masters and PhD programs here!

Writing Papers in University

Level-up your essay writing for university success! Writing papers in university is a challenge – learn how to do it here!

How to Study in University

Below I’m going to share information on study strategies and then methods and techniques, which will help you learn how to study effectively. The study strategy is your overall plan for success, from selecting your courses each semester to setting up your study schedule and managing your time. Study methods or techniques are the differentContinue reading “How to Study in University”

Tips for University Success

If you’re a first year student at university, or about to start university, this post is for you! I’m sharing all my best tips for university success! If you’re wondering, “How can I be successful at university?” keep reading! I have been a student for many years, as well as spending 13+ years as anContinue reading “Tips for University Success”

Myths About University

What are the myths you’ve heard about university? You might not even know they’re not true! Well-meaning teachers, guidance counsellors, parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances may all share what they know about university with you. But it may be very subjective, or opinion-based, or just plain incorrect! Below, I’m sharing two of the beliefs that IContinue reading “Myths About University”

How to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is something we all face at some point, even though we know we should just get our work done. I am always so amazed by students who finish assignments before the deadline – I’m one of those people submitting at 11:59pm. So how can we beat procrastination? The first step is figuring out theContinue reading “How to Beat Procrastination”

Online Learning Success

I think in these past few years we’ve all seen the positives and negatives of taking courses online. I started my program in September, 2020 and we actually never went back to on-campus learning. As of writing this, I’ve been in my “in-person” program for two years without setting foot on campus because my faculty’sContinue reading “Online Learning Success”

Motivation to Study

After working with so many students around study and time management skills, I have realized that these two topics actually encompass numerous other skills that often overlap. So I can’t talk about study skills without talking about time management, and I can’t talk about time management without talking about motivation. What is Motivation? Motivation refersContinue reading “Motivation to Study”

How to Choose Electives

This week’s post on How to Choose Electives is a guest post from the founder of, whose goal is to show students scholarship opportunities from all over the world. They offer plenty of information, particularly for international students who want to study in Canada. Entering into University and being faced with choosing your electives canContinue reading “How to Choose Electives”


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