How to Choose a University Program

Three overlapping circules in pink, peach and turquoise. The pink one says "aptitudes," the peach one says "career options" and the turquoise one says "interests." Where they all meet in the middle will help you choose a university program

Choose the best university program for you by thinking about your career options, aptitudes, and interests.

Choosing a university program is a big decision, and one that can impact your future options. And making that decision without really knowing what you’re getting into is a huge challenge. That’s a lot of pressure! Asking yourself key questions in these three categories can help guide your decision making and clarify your path to choose a university program.

These three categories will also help you with your future career planning as you go through your bachelor’s program and beyond. If you continue to make decisions that take into consideration the career options that are available, as well as your interests and your aptitudes (skills), you can have a fulfilling education and career path.

Start by reading the introductory post, How should I choose my major? And then you can explore each topic below to learn more about choosing your university program.

You can also check out the glossary of Canadian university terms to look up any terminology you’re not sure about.

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