How to Study in University

Below I’m going to share information on study strategies and then methods and techniques, which will help you learn how to study effectively. The study strategy is your overall plan for success, from selecting your courses each semester to setting up your study schedule and managing your time. Study methods or techniques are the differentContinue reading “How to Study in University”

Which University Should I Go To?

Two of the biggest questions you’ll need to answer as you research and apply to universities are What should I study? and Which university should I go to? I usually recommend tackling the first question… first. Choosing your university program and what you want to study can impact your university choices. In order to chooseContinue reading “Which University Should I Go To?”

The Origin Story

Have you ever wondered why I started Choose Your Uni? Below, I’m sharing my origin story, from lost undergrad to confident professional and PhD student! TL;DR I had every advantage possible when I did my undergrad, but I still struggled to understand what I was doing there and then couldn’t figure out how to leverageContinue reading “The Origin Story”

How to Choose Electives

This week’s post on How to Choose Electives is a guest post from the founder of, whose goal is to show students scholarship opportunities from all over the world. They offer plenty of information, particularly for international students who want to study in Canada. Entering into University and being faced with choosing your electives canContinue reading “How to Choose Electives”

How to Set Study Goals for the Semester or Year

Setting goals at the start of a new semester or academic year can help you build towards your long-term student goals. Are you wondering how to set study goals? Below, I use the SMART goals system to outline how to set and achieve realistic student goals, and then provide examples of both short-term and long-termContinue reading “How to Set Study Goals for the Semester or Year”